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Squad Manual
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17th May 2013

Squad Manual V 1.0
This is just a brief explanation of how the squad system will work, how it will be applied in Gamebattles, and the roles of Members, Assistants, and Leaders.

Squad Leaders- SL's are in charge of everything that the squad does, in practices as well as competitions. SL's will be in charge of organizing their squad in Gamebattles, including setting up a team, managing GB requests from other teams, and keeping the matches in check. They will also be in charge of writing up a Pre-Practice Form as well as a Post-Practice Form. Squad Leaders will be in charge of member job placement within the Squad.

Squad Assistant- SA's are solely their to take some of the slack off of the SL. The SA's responsibility is carrying out any task handed to him or her from their SL. This could include, writing PPF's and taking attendance, to running practices and taking lead during Matches. Whatever the SL's need help with, the SA's will provide.

Squad Members- SM's are the muscles of the squad. These members will be responsible for attending practices, aiding other members whenever they are in need, and participating in matches, helping their squad rise to the top.

*For the time being, all SL's will be able to name their own squad. No more than two words to name your squad.
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